How does the Paradanta Meditation work?

Paradanta meditation is a unique technique that takes you to new levels of Consciousness, beyond all concepts and conventions.

The entire manifested world (material and subtle) exists thanks to the energy that comes from the Source. This is the energy of Life.

The Source (Tao, Absolute, Atman) is inexhaustible and contains the potential of everything.

Every particle in the universe (including man) is a conduit of energy from the Source to the world of forms.

The more energy you pass through, the higher your vibrations, capabilities, and level of consciousness.

How does the Paradanta Meditation work?​

Paradanta meditation is a unique technique that takes you to new levels of Consciousness, beyond all concepts and conventions.

The entire manifested world (material and subtle) exists thanks to the energy that comes from the Source. This is the energy of Life.

The Source (Tao, Absolute, Atman) is inexhaustible and contains the potential of everything.

Every particle in the universe (including man) is a conduit of energy from the Source to the world of forms.

The more energy you pass through, the higher your vibrations, capabilities, and level of consciousness.

What's the structure of

The Paradanta Meditation course?

Paradanta Meditation consists of 3 stages, which are taught in steps.







Stage 1:


Consonance is your unique living energy (high-frequency vibration) selected by the teacher from the most subtle layers of consciousness (the absolute, the source of the Universe, the quantum field). The teacher gives the initiation and the consonance harmonizes with your energy structure, guiding you back to where it came from.

Meditation with Consonance is a technique that engages the most subtle areas of your mental plane. (The last concept on the boundary of the explainable). It alleviates the processes of adaptation during quantum leaps along the levels of consciousness, and prepares the psychophysics for mastering the stage 2.

The consonance stays with you until your full realization and entrance into the Unified level of consciousness.

The 1st stage training is held as a closed retreat of 28 days or more.

Meditation effects

Experiences of other levels of consciousness

Causeless joy

Activation of your inner nature

Harmonization of the physical and subtle bodies

Stage 2:


Impulse (flight) blocks.
Accessible only with full mastery of Stage 1.

The main effect is the ability to let through the energy of the source into the world of forms.

Stage 2 training is in the format of a closed retreat lasting 60 days or more.

Meditation effects

Development of superpowers


Expanding the spectrum of perception

Transformation and purification at the cellular level

Stage 3:


Extends beyond the boundaries of intellectual perception.

Interview for approval available only after mastering Steps 1 and 2.

How will the Paradanta Meditation change your life

Feel a subtle connection with life
It’s like discovering a new sense of perception which has been dormant until now.
You will step beyond the analysis of the mind.

Strengthen your body and spirit
Increase the flow of life.
Harmonize your physical and subtle bodies.

Connect with people beyond the ego
Interacting with people from heart to heart.
Crossing the programs of ego.

Experience new levels of consciousness
Attain your inner vector.

Experience a richness of perception
It’s like a shift in perception from 3D to 5D.
Life in the bigger depth and volume.

Rediscover causeless joy
Get rid of negative programs and beliefs.
Natural joy as in childhood.

Paradanta meditation is right for you

If you've been doing spiritual practices for a long time, but don't feel any tangible progress.

If you've matured to make serious progress on the spiritual Path. If you really want to awaken and reach further levels of consciousness.

If you are searching for people for whom spiritual development is the most important thing in life.

If you want to change the world for the better and build a wholesome society.

If you really want to awaken and reach further levels of consciousness.

If you have mastered a ton of techniques, different meditations, regularly go to vipassana, have tried all the sacred plants of power, but you are still searching =)

What happens on Stage 1

Special set of practices
Combination of techniques that enhance each other and prepare the whole body — pranayamas, yoga, meditations, stainding on nail boards, heart opening and others.

Intensive Immersion
For several days you will practice for 15 hours a day. To innerly stop in a short time, to raise your vibrations and to prepare to receive Consonance.

Individual Consonance

A personal experience of interacting with the energy from higher levels of consciousness (Unity Level of Consciousness). This vibration stays in your field forever.

Vegan Detox Diet

A special 2-course meal to channel all your body’s energies into transformation.

Satsangs with the awakened practitioners
Answers to your questions and the energy flow from higher level of consciousness.

Practices with the teacher

Transmission of the energy from heart to heart, from a realized teacher to you. The energy that lies behind the words.

Knowledge about the structure of the world
A complete system, tried and tested in practice. A framework you can rely on in any situation. Generations of experience, adapted to our time.

Team building

A special training that makes a group of participants into a tight-knit team.
It changes patterns of behavior and corrects non-working strategies in a playful way.

Personal support by a guide before and after the course

A professional team of guides will help you to integrate and adapt the methodology into your everyday life.

Living perception

Learn how to manage reality from a different depth of perception.

About the teacher

Genadiy is a Realized teacher who continues the chain of lineage in the European tradition. One of only 2 people in the world who can currently give initiation into Paradanta meditation.

Genadiy went through full Realization at the age of 27 and has been passing on knowledge of self-improvement and creation as a teacher for over 40 years.

«On my own, I am of no value — what is priceless is the Knowledge I share».


Our masters

Alexander Kozin

Natalia Kozina

Artyom Isaykin

Anna Sokol

Artyom Pokatilov

Olga Sokol

Stage 1

June 10 — July 7

Cost — individual

from ₽ 155,000 — Russia

from € 2,490 — Europe

You can get detailed information about the price and conditions of participation during the interview

Frequently asked questions

First, let’s figure out what meditation originally was. If we turn to our respected Wikipedia, we will be given the following definition:
Meditation (from the Latin meditatio — reflection) is a kind of exercise for the psyche used within the framework of spiritual-religious or health-improving practice, or a special mental state arising from these exercises (or for other reasons). Notice the word «reflection» … We’ll come back to this later.

Meditation, originally, is a method to awaken the human nature. It does not require any work with thoughts, affirmations, no self-hypnosis, etc. Instead, we go to a complete dis-identification with the thought process. We do not interfere or get involved with incoming thoughts, emotions, or desires. Instead, we bear witness to them. Thanks to the practice of meditation, after a while, we cease to suffer from the chaotic «cloud of chatter» in our mind, and the mind itself becomes clear and precise, turning into a good instrument. We become the masters of our mind.

Often a person’s mind works idly, chaotically. We think about something all the time — about the past, the future, and things that don’t exist in the present. We constantly evaluate and analyze everything — all this expends a huge amount of our energy. Most people do not have the skills to stop the process of their uncontrolled thinking, except for artificial means that give a short-term effect of quieting the mind, such as food, sex, music, smoking, drugs, alcohol and other entertainment. But in meditation, we can simply not get involved in the stream of thoughts, remaining a witness of what is happening. Therefore, if we interpret the definition of meditation as reflection, we can expand it in the following context: dis-identification with the thinking process and not thinking about something.

Today many people use meditation as a technique helping them to relax and achieve other positive effects. But if you go deeper, this is a technique that is an integral part of the educational process in spiritual schools, leading beyond the ego. This special type of inner work allows you to immerse yourself in the finer layers of consciousness, thereby awakening human nature. Thus, if we use serious techniques, they help speed up our spiritual evolution.

There are many techniques of meditation, but all of them in total can be divided into 2 types (based on the principle of working with attention):

1) Concentration of attention (when we focus and hold our attention on something: an object, a sound, a sensation in the body, our breath);
2) Deconcentration (when we do not focus or keep our attention on anything but simply observe what is happening, both inside and outside, including thoughts and emotions). One example would be the well-known meditation on emptiness in Buddhism.

In both cases, the correct approach to meditation implies that we do not analyze or evaluate the objects of concentration or what is happening.
We are not talking about techniques such as visualization, relaxation, and affirmations. As a rule, you need to imagine something, i.e., including the imagination. They have a different task: direct relaxation or realizing our goals and desires. In meditation, the task is initially much deeper: going beyond duality.
Most of the meditations came to us from the East. Still, this knowledge also exists in the Russian-speaking regions (former CIS countries). One of these meditations is the Paradanta Meditation, which in translation means «leading beyond any bounds.» It belongs to the second type of meditation (without focusing attention). This is the meditation taught in our School.

Many people ask, «How do I learn to meditate?» You can’t learn serious meditation techniques from a book or DVD. Learning these meditations requires a certain systematic preparation that goes through several stages and takes some time. Therefore, to start with, you need to find a school or a teacher, i.e., a competent person who can help you with this.

In some centers, where meditation is taught very quickly, mastering it is rather superficial. That is because the teaching system is like a mass conveyor, which does not imply a serious individual approach. Therefore, as a rule, such training does not yield profound results.

It is also very important to understand that learning to meditate is not a goal in itself. You need to understand what you want to achieve. For example, many people use meditation simply to achieve relaxation, ease mental tension, and relieve stress. But in professional schools, the main goal of meditation is not this, but to help a person reveal the control and the dictatorship of the mind. This allows the students to learn how to free their minds from old concepts and the body from various blocks and tensions.

We can say that meditation (if we talk about professional techniques) is one of the most powerful tools on the path of a spiritually developing person. This is because it allows you to do up to 50% of all the «rough work» of cleansing the body and, above all, the nervous system. Thus, meditation greatly accelerates and facilitates the process of restructuring the entire body and helps with inner transformation. The meditation technique transmitted from a master makes it possible to cleanse the consciousness from all destructive programs quickly and painlessly.

At most, you can learn some relaxation or concentration techniques from a book or video, but its effectiveness would be highly questionable. If someone really wants to get good results from practicing meditation, it is necessary to understand that it entails subtle inner work.

It is necessary to follow a professional approach and adhere to safety precautions; otherwise, you can harm yourself.
It’s even more serious than learning to pilot an airplane, though it seems: «Why do I need all this? I can do everything by myself: sit with my eyes closed and meditate!»

Experimenting with yourself is possible but is always fraught with danger. If you really want to get a positive effect and not be disconnected from life, you need a serious training system.

Scientists have long begun to study the mechanisms that occur in our bodies during meditation. During meditation, various transformational changes occur in some regions of the brain and normalization of certain hormones and neurotransmitters. For example, studies have shown that people who meditate have increased levels of serotonin («happiness hormone»), DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) — «youth hormone», GABA (gamma-aminobutyrate, gamma-aminobutyric acid), endorphins, somatotropin, melatonin (sleep hormone), and reduced level of cortisol (stress hormone).

During meditation, the brain changes its frequency from beta waves to alpha waves, corresponding to the intermediate phase between sleep and wakefulness (the peripheral phase of sleep). In this state, many insights come, and various discoveries are made.

In general, meditation activates the neurohumoral regulation in the body, launching the internal mechanisms of self-regulation and self-restoration, which contributes to a deep cleansing of our psyche and body. And, as a consequence, it produces many different accompanying effects.

The practice of meditation allows us to open up the very foundation of our life. When this happens, all spheres of our lives become enriched. It occurs in the most natural and easy way. In our usual life, in society, we chase pleasures that our perception organs, our mind strive for (to eat something tasty, buy something, etc., trying to fill the inner emptiness in every possible way).

And in fact, our life experience tells us that when we are searching for fulfillment outside, in the end, there is nothing that can bring us complete satisfaction. When one pleasure ends, we start searching for the next. But when our mind turns inward, towards the very essence of itself, to its absolute source, then in the most wondrous way, we can find total satisfaction and fulfillment.

Our mind always searches for fullness and completeness. It constantly strives towards something greater — more knowledge, more power, more influence and so on. But when our mind discovers its own origin, it can reach the highest completeness of knowledge. Not intellectual knowledge but “the fruit of all knowledge”.
This is not specific knowledge about something, but it is the purpose of any knowledge. This is the absolute, saturated fullness of knowledge.

At the level of ego, any life situation kind of knocks us out: that is, we feel as if we are insignificant, small, we are oppressed and offended, squeezed into certain limits and our sense of individuality wants somehow to break out and prove its own importance. And at the base of this feeling lies the simple desire of “I,” who wants to become Great.

It shows as an aspiration for significance and self-importance in our everyday life. As a matter of fact, we artificially pump up this feeling of individualization to be perceived as someone big and significant. But when this feeling of individuality finds its own source, free from any limitations, this sense of individuality passes from a small, point-like perception of itself into Infinity. We may say that the individual Self gains the Universal, Absolute quality. This is the very feeling of Unity with all the surrounding space that every human being subconsciously strives for.

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