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What makes Paradanta meditation unique?

Paradanta meditation is a unique technique based on the application of the properties of energy vibration of consonance. In order to complete the course of Paradantal meditation, it is necessary to prepare psychophysics, having mastered the basic techniques taught by the School.

Energy vibration (consonance) is a very subtle, high and intelligent type of energy that the meditator learns to work with. The teacher selects the consonance for each participant of the course individually in accordance with one’s unique nature.

During the practice of Paradanta Meditation, the practitioner is immersed in a unique state where the body is completely relaxed, as during deep sleep, but the clarity of consciousness and the awakening of all physiological mechanisms are completely preserved. Consonance resonates with the vibration of a person and helps him or her to move faster to higher and purer levels of consciousness. With regular practice of consonance meditation, the body gets used to new levels of consciousness and becomes fixed in a new perception.

"Launching" the consonance into work and mastering Paradanta meditation is impossible without a teacher.


Direct transmission from the teacher

The PM course includes intensive live interaction with the realized teacher Gennady Givin - the opportunity to receive answers and the necessary recommendations for working with consonance.


Transfer of consciousness to a new level

Passing the PM course is a powerful leap forward to achieve tangible inner transformations. In each course, some of the students are fixed in an awakened state, and already awakened participants master new levels of consciousness.


The exclusive meditation in the world

The teaching method of Paradanta Meditation is taught only at the Givin School.


Synergy of team work

Throughout the entire PM course, the participants are in the field of consciousness of the awakened instructors, the teacher and the entire team of the School, which includes about 100 awakened ones. This creates the effect of synergy, which greatly accelerates the transformation of students.

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Paradanta Meditation and celebrities

When Konstantin came to School, his career as a swimmer at the age of 16 came to an end – he was suspended from swimming due to a knee disease. After Kostya learned meditation, the situation changed radically, and, after a while, he became the world champion in kickboxing and the European champion in wrestling without rules in the K-1 category.

Konstantin Glukhov, athlete

Contemporary Russian artist, designer, candidate of art history, author of the theory of Neosyncretism. Participant of more than 300 exhibitions of contemporary art.

Attended the course in Paradanta Meditation in December 2019.

Tatiana Antoshina, artist

To get into the Guinness Book of Records, Athanasiy had to take part in six Olympic Games in a row. The record was won by the shooter only after learning and practicing Paradanta meditation.

Afanasiy Kuzmin, gun shooter, Olympic champion

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How Meditation Changes Your Life

After a powerful cleansing of the nervous system, most of the stresses in the body and psyche will be released

A feeling of happiness and deep joy will become the basic state.

Relationships with people will move to a new level - unity and mutual assistance

A significant increase in efficiency in all spheres of life through the use of the capabilities of higher levels of consciousness

Enhances sensory perception
- more vivid and fulfilling experience of  life 

Strengthening motivation for further movement to new levels of consciousness - gaining meaning and new deep understandings

How does the meditation training go

Preparation for the retreat

Taking an online course to get to know the practice. Learn more...


A course that allows you to master and consolidate in the basic techniques of the practice and prepare your body for a more serious and prolonged load on the PM course. More about the retreat...

Preparing to receive the consonance

Starting from 5 days of intensified practices with the breaks for food and sleep for maximum calming of the mind and release of the body and psyche from tensions.

Receiving the consonance

Energy vibration is given to each participant individually.

Teaching Meditation with Consonance

Daily practice sessions with instructors and evening satsangs with teacher: analysis of practice, answers to questions, work on mistakes and theory of the consciousness development.


Formation of project groups for the creative implementation of the energy of consonance and consolidation of the course results.

About the teacher

«I am of no value by myself — the Knowledge I transmit is priceless».

Genadiy Givin

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The most popular fiction book about the purpose of human, about the meaning of life and the spiritual path is "Jonathan Livingston Seagull". Inspired by this story by Richard Bach, we chose a seagull as an image symbolizing the knowledge that we transmit.


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