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Transition to a new level of consciousness

Individual selection of Consonance

Direct transmission from the realized Teacher

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What makes Paradanta meditation unique?

Paradanta meditation is a unique technique based on the application of the properties of energy vibration of consonance. In order to complete the course of Paradantal meditation, it is necessary to prepare psychophysics, having mastered the basic techniques taught by the School.

Energy vibration (consonance) is a very subtle, high and intelligent type of energy that the meditator learns to work with. The teacher selects the consonance for each participant of the course individually in accordance with one’s unique nature. Consonance resonates with the vibration of a person and helps him or her to move faster along the Path of evolution to higher and purer levels of consciousness. "Launching" the consonance into work and mastering Paradanta meditation is impossible without a teacher.

During the practice of Paradanta Meditation, the practitioner is immersed in a unique state where the body is completely relaxed, as during deep sleep, but the clarity of consciousness and the awakening of all physiological mechanisms are completely preserved – a state of pure consciousness.

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Paradanta Meditation and celebrities

When Konstantin came to School, his career as a swimmer at the age of 16 came to an end – he was suspended from swimming due to a knee disease. After Kostya learned meditation, the situation changed radically, and, after a while, he became the world champion in kickboxing and the European champion in wrestling without rules in the K-1 category.

Konstantin Glukhov, athlete

To get into the Guinness Book of Records, Athanasiy had to take part in six Olympic Games in a row. The record was won by the shooter only after learning and practicing Paradanta meditation.

Afanasiy Kuzmin, gun shooter, Olympic champion

About the teacher

«I am of no value by myself — the Knowledge I transmit is priceless».

Genadiy Givin

Difference from other techniques

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You need to imagine something, i.e. connect the imagination.
The task of the visualization is directly relaxation, or the realization of our goals and desires.


A whole range of techniques. They include focusing and holding your attention on something: an object, a sound, a sensation in your body, or your breath.

Concentration of attention

Techniques based on conscious deconcentration do not refer to meditation.
Their goal is to help a person switch himself after intense work.


Differences from Transcendental Meditation

Paradanta meditation takes you to deeper levels of consciousness

It is part of the practical knowledge that allows you to transform your consciousness and move further to your true nature.

It uses a special Consonance (energy vibration), which the teacher selects for each one individually.

How Meditation Affects Your Life

Restores the nervous system and removes tension

Increases the level of happiness and joy

Harmonizes relationships with people

Increases efficiency in all areas of activity

Enhances sensory perception

Accelerates movement through the levels of consciousness

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How is meditation taught?

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